Message to our kababayan regarding the U.S. elections

Dear Kababayan,

We know that many of our fellow Filipinos, or kababayans, are worried about what can happen after the elections here in the US. Our undocumented Filipino kababayans are wondering whether they can still stay here or if they will be deported. Others are already experiencing cases of being insulted or harassed. Families are in danger of being separated.

These experiences are not new to some of us. However, the situation is more extreme these days and policies that can directly affect them might be passed in the following years. We are expecting that there will be more attacks towards the undocumented, that there will be more laws that are harmful towards workers, and that there can be an increase in cases of harassment and attacks towards our community, other migrant communities, and people of color.

We want all of you to know that Filipino Migrant Center is here for you. If you need any kind of support, resources, someone to talk to, or are concerned about your safety, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you. If you are looking for ways to help others, you may also contact us.

We also call on everyone to support each other. At this moment, it is very important to be come together to protect our fellow Filipinos, especially undocumented who are most affected. Together, we can face any challenge hurled at our community.

Long live migrant Filipinos!

Filipino Migrant Center

Hotline: 818-519-2251
Facebook: Filipino Migrant Center

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