Civic Engagement

People’s State of the City

Although only 17.5% of registered voters and about 10% of the Long Beach population voted in the April 2014 primary election, almost 10,000 new voters, many low-income immigrants and their children, cast their ballots, thanks to the comprehensive civic engagement efforts of the Coalition.  Long Beach Rising! voter-engagement efforts have started to work towards a long-term cultural shift to build a more progressive Long Beach.  In order to achieve these goals, community groups across Long Beach are working “to engage new and infrequent voters.”  

In 2014, together with Long Beach Rising we participated in the most recent citywide election supported extensive efforts: over 22 canvassing days, 175 coalition members and volunteers  knocked on nearly 7, 500 doors, led canvasser trainings in English, Spanish and Khmer, and created a 52-page, comprehensive candidate guide for voters, with nearly 80% of candidates responding.

Together with Long Beach residents, workers, teachers and students, we are working to transform Long Beach into a more progressive city that will enact policies which will support workers and their families.  The Filipino Migrant Center is a member organization of Long Beach Rising!, advocates for civic participation, voter engagement, and community organizing among historically underrepresented communities.  The group focuses on issues such as jobs, housing, education, immigrant rights, environmental health, and neighborhood safety.

We participate in alliance building, leadership development, and voter education (non-partisan). Leadership program graduates and coalition leaders get involved in projects to engage and mobilize low-frequency voters, particularly working families.  This program does most of its work around election time, so check in to see what is occurring in 2016!

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