End Wage Theft

The Filipino Migrant Center spearheaded the creation of the Coalition to End Wage Theft in Long Beach in an effort to address the issue of unpaid wages/stealing of wages many low income workers face on the job.

During our 6th anniversary Gala, some of our members wrote and performed a song entitled “Collect, Protect, Enforce (End Wage Theft)”. 


Wage theft is the act of an employer stealing wages from its workers by not paying workers according to the law.  All workers in California are protected by labor laws, including the minimum wage regardless of immigration status.”

Wage theft is any of the following:

  • Denied the current minimum wage ($9/hour, 2015), ($10/hour, Jan 2016)
  • Denied overtime pay
  • Denied rest/meal breaks
  • Misclassified as independent contractor
  • Illegal deductions from paycheck
  • Not receiving your tips
  • Not paid at all

There are over 54,000 workers in Long Beach, and many are struggling to pay for housing, utilities,food, and transportation*. The fastest growing jobs are in low wage industries such as restaurants, hotels, caregiving, health, port truck drivers, and retail shops.


The Filipino Migrant Center is one of many Long Beach organizations, labor unions, academics, businesses, and religious leaders urging the City of Long Beach to pass a policy to raise the minimum wage to $15, strengthen protections for workers against wage theft, and guarantee at least 5 paid sick days.

If you have questions on how to…

You do not need a social security number or photo identification to file a claim or report a violation.

We can assist you in filing a wage claim.  Contact us at info@filipinomigrantcenter.org or (562) 438-9515 or by clicking here

*Economic Roundtable Report: Long Beach Rising, Oct 2015

Long Beach, CA – Pinoys Begin Fight Against Wage Theft | Balitang America


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