Stop Labor Trafficking

According to the Philippine Department of Labor, over 6,092 Filipinos leave the Philippines everyday in search of work in over 200 countries (2015). The Filipino Migrant Center believes that at the root of the problem of labor traf cking of Filipinos is the extreme poverty facing millions of families in the Philippines. Our work here in the United States focuses on educating the larger community on the issue, organizing trafficked survivors and their families, and engaging in political advocacy to demand for stronger protections for victims and address the root problems in the Philippines.

We work in partnership with a network of grassroots community organizations, non-profit advocacy groups, churches here in Southern California, across the United States and with international partners in the Philippines to campaign against global labor trafficking.

USCIS defines Labor trafficking as the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services through the use of force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or slavery.


Ways FMC Works to Address Labor Trafficking

  • Community educational presentations
  • Community forums & dialogues with survivors
  • Assisting survivors in self- ling for their T-Visa applications and connecting to relief resources
  • Linking survivors to community and social support
  • Leadership development and community organizing training for survivors

Filipino Migrant Center’s Response to Labor Trafficking in the Filipino Community:

1. As we continue to welcome and support new survivors, we rely on our community partnerships to assist in meeting their needs. Survivors need a safe place to live, basic needs of food & supplies, community support and assistance in applying for immigration relief.

2. We strive to educate Filipino and other community members on the issues of labor traf cking and how we can work with survivors to continue to raise awareness and support survivors.


3. We partner with Migrante Southern California, a Filipino im/migrant worker’s organization founded by survivors of labor trafficking to defend their rights and welfare through engaging in campaigns, leadership development and community organizing.



SIGNS OF POSSIBLE TRAFFICKING11693878_885186151517890_6505312154331371106_n

  • Barbed Wire around buildings or buildings where people enter but don’t exit
  • People not knowing the location of their documents
  • Restricted Movement and/or communication
  • Forced to work a job outside their contract
  • Huge debt from coming to the USA to work
  • Threats by employer or family is threatened
  • Scared to speak out about working conditions

FMC Assistance to Survivors of Labor Trafficking by the number

  • Assisted 25 Survivors of Labor Trafficking in getting their T-Visas
  • Helped 6 Families reunite with their children and spouses here in the US
  • Currently assisting 17 Survivors at various stages of their T-visa application process
  • Leading a Faith-based network of churches who support by providing resources to survivors and advocate for an end to labor trafficking

What can we do?10678858_744760162227157_6076953483804004807_n

If you would like to learn more about our work, volunteer to be part of the campaign, support the trafficking survivors we are currently working with, join our network, or invite FMC to come give a presentation to your group, church, or organization. Contact Joy at | (562) 438-9515

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