About Us



We dream of a society where a family is not torn apart by urgent need for survival. We dream and will actively work for a society where there is equal opportunity to live a decent and humane life.

We will work for an empowered Filipino community actively engaged in the movement for local and global justice. We aim to educate, organize and mobilize the low-income and working-class families of the Filipino community in Southern California and address the issues and concerns that we face in our daily lives.

In carrying out our mission, we will cultivate and advance a dynamic culture that values justice and human dignity. We will reaffirm our connections to our families and loved ones still living in the Philippines to proactively support their efforts to uplift themselves. We will foster partnerships with individuals, organizations and communities that share our common interests.



We will engage in organizing low income members of the Filipino community around common, urgent and winnable issues and concerns affecting them. We will proactively provide skills training in organizing and leadership development to existing and potential leaders.  We will work with other individuals, organizations, and other ethnic communities in addressing common issues and concerns.


As issues and concerns are identified, we will provide services as tools to strengthen their organization.  We will organize activities regarding issues and concerns that affect them. Our major focus areas will be:

  •  Health Care
  •  Comprehensive Immigration Reforms
  •  Arts and Culture
  •  Workers’ Rights
  •  Housing


We will deepen our understanding of the  Filipino community and its inter-relationships with other community members through deeper research. Research serves as an important part of the overall education and organizing work.


We will support and work with other individuals and organizations on pro-people issues and campaigns. We will expand our network to enhance our advocacy and organizing work.

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